FAW Tractor Truck

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FAW New J5P 6×4 420HP Tractor Truck
FAW New J5P 6×4 420HP Tractor Truck
Drive type 6×4 
Cabin New J5P lengthened cabin, with air conditioning
Engine Weichai WP12.420  420hp  11.596L   
Transmission Manualgearbox 12JSD200T, 12 forward speeds, 2 reverse speeds
Wheel base (mm) 3450+1350
Towing capacity (T) 50Ton
Clutch Ф430
Steering ZF8098
Rear axle LB Hub reduction, speed ratio:4.42
Saddle 90#  3.5 inch
Service Brake Dual circuit, air pressure brake
Tire 315/80R22.5
Max. speed (km/h) 90
Fuel tank (L) 500L
Dimension (mm) 7093×2500×3450(L×W×H)
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