About us

China Truck Parts Network is a professional service platform for spare parts inquiry, maintenance service consultation and truck maintenance tutorial for overseas users of Chinese trucks. It aims to improve the maintenance and repair of vehicles in China. Expertise to improve the accuracy of accessory inquiries, increase the rate of delivery, and safe driving distance. The site covers all brands and models of domestic trucks and is divided into five sections:

1, Spare parts searching system--To search spare parts accurately by parts name, brand or parts assembly.

2. Instructional videos--a series of care, maintenance and repair videos and training sessions of various brands of trucks.

3, Online emergency repairs and guidance channel—providing in real time maintenance Users can upload textual descriptions, pictures and videos of vehicle breakdown over the channel to our website and engineers will provide you with meaningful feedback over this channel.

4,Maintenance depot maps—Users can easily search for address and contact information of maintenance depots in his country or area.

5, Supplier trading platform-- spare parts suppliers of domestic various brands of trucks can reside on our website.Web: www.chinatruckparts.com

Our Mission

China Trucks, Global Services
We do this by helping buyers find Trucks and Truck Parts quickly and efficiently.
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KAILAI is top brand of Chinese Truck Exporting. We serve trucks and truck parts around the world.
Chinatruckparts.com brings you hundreds of millions of Trucks in over 22 different major categories, including Heavy Duty Truck, Light Truck, Special Vehicle, Truck Trailer etc.
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